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21st August 2015
New figures raise troubling questions about disillusioned vets
11th May 2015
Can more be done to improve owner awareness of rabbit needs?
17th March 2015
Marc Abraham: the latest updates on the fight against puppy farming
26th January 2015
Twitter appeals to outward-looking academics
10th November 2014
Pet imports: the legal and moral responsibilities of veterinary professionals
3rd November 2014
Radar app could support veterinary students and new graduates
24th October 2014
Should veterinary professionals be warning of the zoonotic risks of raw pet foods?
7th October 2014
Does so-called 'over-feminisation' of the veterinary profession really matter?
1st October 2014
OVs must hold a new OCQ(V) qualification by March 31
29th September 2014
Consultant's experience with OOH vets leads him to reflect on the two professions
2nd September 2014
Central College of Animal Studies will open new facility next year
2nd July 2014
Award-winning veterinary nurse Hayley Walters says why she goes above and beyond to improve welfare