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Exotic Animal News Archive
Vigilance urged following reports of Seoul virus
29th April 2019
Disease identified at pig farms in northern England
ITV show prompts animal welfare complaints from vets
25th March 2019
BVA calls for vet to be on set for UK 'I'm a Celebrity'
Exotics vet performs intricate surgery on goldfish
19th February 2019
Thirty-minute surgery carried out to remove tumour on jaw
Fish appear to recognise themselves in the mirror
11th February 2019
Study raises questions about how scientists test self-awareness in animals
Snakes need space to fully stretch their bodies - study
17th January 2019
Researchers observe snake behaviour at eight UK zoos
Study reveals extent of chelonian extinction crisis
2nd January 2019
Researchers call for greater conservation efforts
Call for stricter regulation of rabbit breeders
14th December 2018
Survey sheds light on elusive industry
Concerns over I'm a Celebrity episode
27th November 2018
Challenge caused snakes psychological harm, charity says
Cockatoos can create tools of different lengths
15th November 2018
Researchers assess birds' tool-making behaviour
New test for early TB identification in zoo animals
9th November 2018
Actiphage method detects mycobacteria before clinical symptoms emerge
Government urged to 'give snakes some space'
3rd October 2018
Vets call on Defra to reinstate rule on minimum housing requirements
Deadly fungus could spread to UK newts, scientists say
19th September 2018
Bsal 'impossible to stop' once in a wild population