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Exotic Animal News Archive
Study reveals most common guinea pig disorders
28th March 2024
Researchers examined clinical records of over 3,500 guinea pigs.
Rabbit owners can identify pet's pain, study finds
28th March 2024
However many lacked knowledge of subtler pain.
Study highlights scale of rabbit dental disease
6th March 2024
Data shows that over 15 per cent of pet rabbits are affected.
New law to restrict keeping of pet monkeys in England
29th February 2024
RSPCA calls for details on fate of existing kept monkeys.
Charity calls for tighter regulation on 'dangerous' exotic pets
23rd February 2024
Born Free says keeping dangerous pets threatens the safety of animals and the public.
Rescue centre seeks homes for almost 100 guinea pigs
14th February 2024
The animals have been given a clean bill of health after ringworm infection.
RSPCA reunites singing cockatiel with owner
31st January 2024
Ernie the cockatiel is back with his owner and his canine friend.
RSPCA searching for owner of singing cockatiel
16th January 2024
The male cockatiel was found in a street in Greater Manchester.
New iguana species found in China
5th January 2024
Wang's garden lizard has a distinctive orange tongue.
England to tighten pet primate laws
18th December 2023
New licensing scheme welcomed by the RSPCA and BVA.
WWII pigeon who saved aircrew honoured with statue
10th November 2023
Winkie saved the lives of an aircrew stranded in the North Sea.
London Zoo celebrates Halloween early
24th October 2023
Animals at the zoo enjoyed pumpkin treats.