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Exotic Animal News Archive
BVA highlights welfare needs of reptiles
21st October 2021
The #ThinkTwice campaign asks potential reptile owners to ensure they are prepared.
Goldfish receives rare surgery to save eyesight
8th October 2021
The surgery took place at McDonald Vets in Glasgow.
Exotic pets go under the spotlight at BVNA Congress
2nd October 2021
Danielle Beck speaks on the sustainability of keeping reptiles as pets.
Derbyshire practice launches first Reptile Education Week
4th August 2021
Campaign aims to improve understanding of reptiles' basic needs.
Baby marmoset rescued by RSPCA
3rd August 2021
TikTok the marmoset was found living in terrible conditions in Essex.
RSPCA asks councils to declare that pets aren't prizes
8th July 2021
The new campaign hopes to prevent the giving of fish as fairground prizes.
Welsh government to back primate pet ban
25th June 2021
RSCPA Cymru welcomes the government's shift in perspective.
Snakes need to stretch out fully, study finds
27th May 2021
Animal welfare campaigners call for new legislation on enclosure size.
RSPCA reiterates call for ban on keeping primates as pets
11th May 2021
Inspectors rescue three monkeys living in a bedroom in Surrey.
New exotic species webinar website launched
12th April 2021
Just Exotics aims to help professionals broaden their exotic species knowledge.
Vets welcome proposed ban on primates as pets
14th December 2020
"We​ ​must​ ​put an end to ​the​ ​keeping​ ​and trade of​ ​primates​ ​as​ ​pets" - Daniella Dos Santos
Goby fish fins may be as sensitive as human fingertips, study suggests
9th November 2020
Researchers observe how goby fish use their fins to interact with different surfaces.