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Four more bluetongue cases confirmed in England
27th November 2023
Farmers are urged to remain vigilant.
Nagoya Protocol posing challenges for livestock disease control
24th November 2023
The agreement is slowing down FMD vaccine production, experts say.
Virus study to investigate cattle 'commingling events'
17th November 2023
The US-UK collaboration will focus on cattle-type coronavirus.
Bovine TB continues to decline in Wales
16th November 2023
Minister gives annual statement on eradication programme.
Sheep industry launches welfare strategy
15th November 2023
Five-year plan aims to improve sheep welfare.
Bluetongue case confirmed in Great Britain
13th November 2023
Defra introduces 10km Temporary Control Zone.
King's Speech promises livestock export ban
8th November 2023
But lack of other animal welfare measures draws criticism.
Antibiotic sales for farmed animals fall to record low
1st November 2023
Annual report shows almost 10 per cent drop.
Modified surgery tackles neuromuscular condition in cattle
20th October 2023
The technique offers fast treatment to spastic paresis.
Vets help goat walk with 3D printed foot
19th October 2023
It was feared the kid might have to be euthanised.
New initiative to tackle livestock worrying
17th October 2023
Operation Recall educates dog owners on preventing risks.
New strain of bluetongue spreads in the Netherlands
12th October 2023
UK farmers warned to remain vigilant.
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