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Government to test ASF contingency plans
19th July 2021
"Exercise Holly" will test out plans to contain and eliminate the disease.
Novel vaccine offers hope in fight against avian flu
15th July 2021
"Our improved vaccine could help prevent the spread of flu amongst vaccinated birds" - Prof. Munir Iqbal.
Sheep farmers urged to take action on wormer resistance
14th July 2021
Experts advise using one of two newer wormer groups.
Trials underway for new bTB cattle vaccine
13th July 2021
Chief vets state that a working vaccine could be deployed by 2025.
Annual vet visits 'crucial' to farm animal health and welfare
2nd July 2021
BVA responds to Agricultural Transition Plan update.
European Commission responds to caged-farming ECI
1st July 2021
The Commission has responded positively to the "End the Cage Age" initiative.
Researchers celebrate progress to eradicate PPR virus
23rd June 2021
RVC shares details of research to compact this deadly disease of livestock.
New contracts for Veterinary Delivery Partners awarded
23rd June 2021
TB testing in England and Wales to be delivered under new APHA contracts.
VMD recalls chicken vaccine over efficacy concerns
17th June 2021
Veterinary surgeons urged to examine their inventories immediately.
NSA welcomes new legislation on livestock worrying
10th June 2021
Police will be given more powers to seize dogs after serious incidents.
Survey reveals attitudes towards farm animal health and welfare
4th June 2021
SRUC researchers compare the views of farmers and the public.
Moredun animation explains ectoparasites of sheep
2nd June 2021
Short video explores different treatments and how to use them.
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