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4th October 2021
The awards ceremony took place at the Congress Dinner Dance.
3rd October 2021
Fiona Andrew shares tips for cultivating a growth mindset at BVNA Congress.
3rd October 2021
Michaela Vinales discussed her time in South Africa at BVNA Congress.
3rd October 2021
Delegates review the outcomes of the VN Futures Interim report at BVNA Congress.
30th September 2021
"Let's shout about how great Veterinary Nurses are" - Jo Oakden, BVNA president.
30th September 2021
Report outlines key achievements of the first five years of the project.
17th September 2021
The VNs will be formally welcomed at the RCVS VN Evening.
8th September 2021
The charity is searching for 2021's 'top veterinary nurse'.
23rd August 2021
Alex Taylor RVN heads up the new officer team as president.
2nd August 2021
Jennifer Busby has been granted a free place on Improve International's Nurse Certificate ECC programme.
29th July 2021
Association is looking forward to welcoming veterinary nurses in-person and online.
28th July 2021
The campaign aims to help improve working environments for affected VNs.