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Equine News Archive
First case of Fragile Foal Syndrome found in thoroughbred horse
6th January 2022
The disorder was previously thought to affect only warmblood horses
Sweet rescue ponies in joyous reunion
29th December 2021
Treacle and Candy are together again after five years apart.
Horse owners urged to be 'rug-wise' this winter
9th December 2021
Rugging can lead to over-heating and weight gain.
Equine study reveals insights into hoof-ground interactions
7th December 2021
Findings could help to prevent injuries in equines and jockeys.
Hot topics to be discussed at equine research conference
6th December 2021
Latest views on the agenda for Saddle Research Trust Conference.
Study pinpoints risk factors for falls in eventing
3rd December 2021
Findings will help make the sport safer for horses and athletes.
Self-study CPD on equine grass sickness launched
23rd November 2021
Online resources made available on the topic.
Equine conference to discuss gait analysis
16th November 2021
The benefits of gait analysis for equine performance and welfare will be considered.
Ethical framework for equine sport revealed
11th November 2021
The framework was funded by the World Horse Welfare and developed by the RVC.
New horse-riding simulator to be unveiled
8th November 2021
The high-performance simulator will be revealed at the Saddle Research Trust Conference.
RVC study reveals insights on strangles
3rd November 2021
The study increases current understanding of the spread and control of the disease.
BEVA provides advice on atypical myopathy prevention
27th October 2021
Horse owners are reminded to be careful this autumn and take steps to prevent ingestion of toxins.