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Hermit crab behaviour affected by microplastics
13th October 2021
The microplastics impede the crabs' ability to attack and defend.
Project underway to protect new oyster species
12th October 2021
The species was discovered in the Muar River, Malasia.
Brown crabs affected by underwater power cables - study
11th October 2021
The cables mesmerise the crabs and cause biological changes.
Asian hornet spotted in Berkshire
11th October 2021
The National Bee Unit has confirmed the sighting and is monitoring the situation.
Birds learn to avoid plants harbouring toxic insects
7th October 2021
Researchers show that birds learn that ragwort flowers are a cue for danger.
Welsh government announces glue trap ban
30th September 2021
RSPCA Cymru welcomes the announcement.
Petition launched to ban snare trap use
29th September 2021
Over 30,000 signatures have been gathered so far.
Zookeepers name red panda kit
21st September 2021
Endangered species is at risk of habitat loss and poaching.
Scotland's first sloths revealed at Edinburgh Zoo
14th September 2021
Two Linnie's two-toed sloths have been welcomed to the zoo.
Red panda kit born at Edinburgh Zoo
1st September 2021
Keepers have captured the first images of the baby red panda.
Endangered Przewalski's horses welcomed to Edinburgh Zoo
31st August 2021
The small bachelor herd travelled to the zoo from Highland Wildlife Park.
Consultation launched on the reintroduction of beavers in England
26th August 2021
Government seeks views on potential future releases.