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Scottish wildcats given lifeline
20th November 2019
European funding agreed for a recovery project
Study reveals insights on zookeeper-animal bond
19th November 2019
Zookeepers draw boundaries with animals in their care
Further pressure on endangered eels
19th November 2019
Smuggling surge as European fishing season begins
Humane slaughter of wild fish
15th November 2019
Funding to encourage development and adoption of humane methods
Genomes of British wildlife to be mapped
11th November 2019
Unprecedented insight made possible by Wellcome funding to Darwin Tree of Life project
High Court rejects ivory ban challenge
6th November 2019
Ban will come into force "as soon as possible"
Red deer responding to climate change
6th November 2019
Scottish Isle provides evidence individuals are evolving to give birth earlier
Spotlight on hunting trophies
5th November 2019
Consultation and call for evidence launched
Study reveals
1st November 2019
Scientists urged to research the welfare of fish and birds
Feed leftover pumpkin to animals, urges RSPCA
31st October 2019
Public urged to give their carvings to garden wildlife
Government seeks views on primates kept as pets
25th October 2019
Current laws are not protecting monkeys from abuse or neglect
Researchers discover aye-aye's
23rd October 2019
Primate has an extra digit that may help it to grip objects