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Event to celebrate threatened stag beetle
26th May 2020
Public urged to make their gardens stag-beetle friendly.
Study highlights impact of climate change on freshwater fish
19th May 2020
Rising water temperature could affect the cognitive abilities of minnows.
RSPB reports surge in raptor shootings during lockdown
18th May 2020
Police called out to multiple cases across the UK.
Rare deer born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
13th May 2020
Deer form part of European Endangered Species Breeding Programme.
Pet trade writes open letter on calls to ban wildlife trade
28th April 2020
Signatories say ban would have a significant impact on responsible animal-keepers
Common crane returns to the UK
23rd April 2020
Graceful bird is fabled for its complex display dance.
WHO calls for stricter regulations on wet markets
22nd April 2020
Born Free welcomes call to enforce bans of the sale and trade of wildlife.
Scientists discover longest animal ever recorded
17th April 2020
150-foot-long siphonophore found in the waters of Australia
Flamingos form long-lasting friendships, study shows
15th April 2020
Findings could help in the management of captive flamingos
Bronx Zoo tiger tests positive for COVID-19
7th April 2020
Big cats tested after developing a dry cough
Wildlife charities urge government to end badger cull in light of new figures
2nd April 2020
More than 35,000 badgers killed in 2019 as part of bTB strategy
Volunteers sought to record mammal sightings in their gardens
31st March 2020
Wildlife charity urges public to aid in conservation while staying at home