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Endangered tiger cub takes first steps outside
14th January 2022
A rare Sumatran tiger cub has ventured outside at ZSL London Zoo.
Red squirrel conservation strategies negatively impact species - study
11th January 2022
Work highlights the need for more native woodland.
Zoo culture influences keeper-animal attachment
11th January 2022
New research explores animal attachment among zookeepers.
Amphibian study reveals parental care influence on offspring
7th January 2022
Females that abandon young produce a large number of small eggs.
Rare Sumatran tiger born at ZSL London Zoo
31st December 2021
Arrival hailed as a boost to the collaborative global breeding programme.
Conservationists hail arrival of Visayan warty piglet
30th December 2021
Rare species is on the brink of extinction.
Rare southern white rhino born in Suffolk
24th December 2021
The calf is the first white rhino to be born at Africa Alive.
Mother elephant seals recognise own pup's voice
23rd December 2021
New research shows seals can recognise their own offspring's voice at only two days old.
Polar bear cub born at Highland Wildlife Park
17th December 2021
CCTV footage captured the new arrival sleeping.
Green spaces necessary for urban hedgehogs' survival
15th December 2021
A new study reveals 'hedgehog hotspots' in Greater London.
Giant pandas to stay in Edinburgh until 2023
8th December 2021
The UK's only giant pandas will stay at Edinburgh Zoo for a further two years.
Endangered Amur tiger cubs delighting zoo visitors
7th December 2021
Nishka, Layla and Aleksander are developing their own personalities.