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Avian malaria could explain house sparrow decline
18th July 2019
Nearly 75 per cent of London's iconic sparrows are infected - study
Safety concerns over fenbendazole in pigeons
17th July 2019
Drug can no longer be used in pigeons under Schedule 6
Study suggests gorillas form social bonds with distant relations
12th July 2019
Gorillas found to interact with extended family in a similar way to humans
Badgers top the mammal roadkill list
10th July 2019
Project sheds light on most at-risk animals
 Australian seagulls found to carry antibiotic resistant bacteria
10th July 2019
Birds earmarked as potential reservoirs for human disease
Baby white rhino born to poaching victims
5th July 2019
Parents saved by wildlife rescue charity Saving the Survivors
Injured marsh harrier found in Norfolk
4th July 2019
Photograph reveals bird had been shot
Scientists discover chlamydia-free koala population
3rd July 2019
Finding could offer 'insurance' for survival of species
Octopus arms make decisions independently of the brain - study
2nd July 2019
Researchers look for patterns in the nervous system
Investigation raises concerns about bird tethering
2nd July 2019
Report on 95 zoos suggests some birds are tethered 'day and night'
Commercial whaling resumes in Japan
2nd July 2019
Move criticised by conservationist groups
Frog skin bacteria could protect against ranavirus
25th June 2019
Scientists compare bacteria in different populations