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Great Bear Rescue celebrates largest rescue in Armenia
28th June 2022
FPWC and IAR worked together to rescue six caged bears.
Saving Wildcats celebrates two more litters
23rd June 2022
The two rare litters of five kittens are 'incredibly exciting'.
'Phoenix' rises after surgery to repair a ruptured tendon
22nd June 2022
The harris hawk was left in a flap after being bitten by a squirrel.
Study explores 'monkey media' choices
13th June 2022
Researchers studied how white-faced sakis interacted with a computer interface.
Government announces nature recovery projects
9th June 2022
Wildlife to be protected by five new projects in England.
New insect recorded in Shropshire
7th June 2022
Fallen's Leatherbug identified in the area for the first time.
UK bans elephant ivory trade
7th June 2022
It is now illegal to sell ivory of any age.
Bat study reveals influences on brain organisation
1st June 2022
The species' brains are highly specialised for echolocation.
Dormice receive final checks before reintroduction to wild
31st May 2022
Endangered British hazel dormice to be released in June.
Government rolls out new badger vaccination licence
26th May 2022
Simplified licence will streamline the administration process.
Half of British butterfly species threatened with extinction
25th May 2022
The latest Red List assessment has been published.
New app to help reverse decline in pollinators
24th May 2022
Government asks public to collect data on garden visitors.