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23rd November 2023
Jason Moore's 'Air Guitar Roo' takes the top prize.
17th November 2023
Nala the Station Cat's 'Meow' was played on Radio 2.
9th November 2023
Daisy helped direct rescuers to missing Mowgli.
23rd October 2023
Nanny McPhee has already found a new home.
18th October 2023
Bella's purr reached 54.6 decibels.
10th October 2023
The piece has been designed to improve chicken wellbeing.
5th October 2023
From a kangaroo playing air guitar to a squabble between feathered friends.
28th September 2023
Over 200 dogs attended film screening in Los Angeles.
21st September 2023
The quilled rodent is on the run in Clare, Suffolk.
12th September 2023
They switch friends for food, but stick with family.
8th September 2023
It is one year since Dogs Trust's oldest dog was adopted.
24th August 2023
It is believed to be the only one in the world.