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17th April 2024
The RSPCA is now hoping to reunite him with his owner.
16th April 2024
Owners could be dismissing signs of serious health problems.
15th April 2024
The RVC's programme has helped pets and supported research.
11th April 2024
ISFM and the AAFP release new version of their consensus guidelines.
10th April 2024
Would-be dog owners urged to avoid extreme conformations.
9th April 2024
The Kennel Club and the Veterinary Cardiology Society want to hear from owners.
8th April 2024
Report calls for new rules to tackle growth of fertility clinics.
5th April 2024
Policy brief calls for change to countryside guidance in Scotland
3rd April 2024
A new standardised process will improve accuracy of microchip information.
2nd April 2024
Owners must apply before 31 July 2024.
28th March 2024
National week of action aims to tackle livestock worrying.
28th March 2024
Taurus' calm and gentle nature made him an ideal candidate.