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6th December 2023
Almost 2,000 parcels will be provided to owners and their pets.
5th December 2023
Cats Protection's new children's club features Tabby McTat.
4th December 2023
1,316 Staffies have been abandoned in 2023 so far.
1st December 2023
The guidance supports vets with the new framework.
30th November 2023
Reqs has been awarded the Order of Merit for his service.
30th November 2023
Technology could be trained to read cats' facial expressions.
29th November 2023
Only two per cent of stray cats got home in 2022.
28th November 2023
Smarter dogs find it easier to overcome their spatial bias, a new study has discovered.
24th November 2023
BVA writes to Government outlining concerns about rules.
23rd November 2023
Differing microbial makeups send scent signals to other cats.
22nd November 2023
BVA's senior VP Malcolm Morley called the ad 'extraordinary'.
22nd November 2023
The Kennel Club reveals long-term decline in registrations.