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22nd October 2020
Key findings will aid efforts to improve feline welfare.
22nd October 2020
Leading pet charity relives its past through pictures and stories
22nd October 2020
"We're experiencing unprecedented demand for our services" - Jan McLoughlin, PDSA director-general.
21st October 2020
Charity pens open letter in response to recent debate in Westminster.
21st October 2020
Breed must soon be DNA tested for Glazmann's thrombasthenia.
20th October 2020
Findings provide further evidence of the importance of maintaining a healthy weight.
19th October 2020
Researchers identify differences in electrolyte measurements between point-of-care and reference analysers.
15th October 2020
Hundreds of thousands backed calls to make pet theft a specific criminal offence.
14th October 2020
Findings shed new light on the canine visual system.
14th October 2020
Online searches for kittens soared during lockdown.
12th October 2020
Pets provide comfort and routine during time of crisis
8th October 2020
Lucy's Law will come into force by May 2021