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16th July 2019
More work needed to get through to owners - PFMA
16th July 2019
Test will identify affected dogs
12th July 2019
Breeders urged to maintain diversity in lineages
8th July 2019
Study reveals new insight on canine hierarchy
4th July 2019
Cat ingested toxic levels of salt by licking the lamp
4th July 2019
Consumers urged to return products for a full refund
4th July 2019
BVA urges caution in choosing these diets for pets
1st July 2019
Disease proves fatal for recently-holidayed dog in Manningtree
28th June 2019
Couple initially suspected they had mice
28th June 2019
Tim Scott to take on the Camino de Santiago in September
20th June 2019
Geneticists ID genetic mutation and launch DNA test
19th June 2019
Rapid evolution results in extra muscles around eyes