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1st July 2022
2022 report reveals more pets imported and less adopted.
28th June 2022
The puppy had been bitten by his own mother.
28th June 2022
Awards recognise organisations going the extra mile for animals.
24th June 2022
Kennel Club urges employers to consider the benefits of being 'open for dogs'.
23rd June 2022
Thin Blue Paw Awards celebrate serving and retired police dogs.
22nd June 2022
Classes to teach owners new tricks for mental stimulation.
22nd June 2022
Around 60 per cent of dogs neutered by 15 months.
21st June 2022
BVA is reminding dog owners to be alert and aware.
21st June 2022
Charity discussed priorities for cat welfare in Scotland.
20th June 2022
Over 2,000 dogs have been helped by blood from their fellow Scottish canines.
17th June 2022
Report suggests cat owners are the most impacted.
17th June 2022
New White Paper includes proposals to prevent landlords from having blanket bans.