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12th January 2022
Study compares cortisol levels with questionnaire answers.
12th January 2022
Practices "inundated" with pups suffering sickness and diarrhoea.
11th January 2022
Cat owners are invited to submit their pet for consideration.
10th January 2022
The campaign marks National Obesity Awareness Week.
10th January 2022
Results of this study are currently being analysed.
31st December 2021
"We're talking - that's definite progress".
30th December 2021
Vets raise concerns over the effect of fireworks on pandemic puppies.
29th December 2021
The team carried out a technique called marsupialization.
20th December 2021
Funding will enable the team to follow up with the original puppy recruits.
20th December 2021
Findings could lead to better outcomes for canine patients.
16th December 2021
The breed can no longer be considered a 'typical dog' from a health perspective.
16th December 2021
Major complications include euthanasia and spinal abscess.