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27th February 2020
Sensor can detect vital signs through fur and up to four layers of clothing
26th February 2020
Rescue terrier comforted captured soldiers in PoW camps
26th February 2020
Charity desperately seeking help for rabbits and guinea pigs
25th February 2020
New DNA test to help breeders reduce PRA in Shetland sheepdogs
25th February 2020
BVA/AVA findings highlight concerns of current student body
21st February 2020
Projects exploring companion animal loss will be considered
21st February 2020
Adding lavender or rabbit scent could improve welfare
21st February 2020
Cocker spaniel credited with saving owners life
20th February 2020
Kennel Club Charitable Trusts support the education of veterinary
20th February 2020
Less than 10 per cent of hostels nationally will accept dogs
18th February 2020
Innovative research uses cortisol concentrations as a marker of stress
17th February 2020
Researchers develop algorithm that can identify the condition with 99 per cent accuracy