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9th September 2019
Two-year-old dog survived near-fatal GDV
6th September 2019
Change will support the eradication of health conditions
5th September 2019
Researchers examine human impact on a dog's cognitive ability
5th September 2019
PAW report raises concerns about anti-vax movement
4th September 2019
Researchers compare the behaviour of dogs and wolves raised in groups
3rd September 2019
Owners urged to monitor their pet's exercise
3rd September 2019
Salmonella found in seven batches of food
30th August 2019
Honour recognises dog's courage in protecting the president
29th August 2019
BVA welcomes research on benefits of insect-based pet feed
28th August 2019
Charity urges government to update legislation
28th August 2019
Survey sheds light on puppy buying behaviour
27th August 2019
Corn on the cob found to be the most common cause of injury