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13th August 2012
Author: Mike Martin, of Martin Referrals
7th March 2012
Flexible working options can have dramatic effects - job satisfaction goes up, retention is easier, morale improves and motivation rockets. Who doesn't want that?
12th May 2011
Online activities are now proving to be a viable way of expanding and growing your practice. Email is a great example of this...
23rd February 2011
Read all about it! A newsletter is the perfect way to keep clients informed of the latest happenings in the practice...
12th January 2011
A welcome pack has the function of giving new clients (or returning clients) an invaluable insight into your practice.
12th November 2010
The veterinary world is constantly evolving and for your practice to be successful within such a demanding marketplace you need to gain as much competitive edge as possible.
26th October 2010
With heavy spending cuts announced, the financial belts of the public will start to tighten. This means a new breed of commercially savvy customer. Is your veterinary practice ready?
4th October 2010
Rob Tilyard explains how best to protect the practice against the threat from Trojan horses and their lesser known counterpart, the road apple.
3rd September 2010
The detection of links between animal production systems, climate change and the evolution of animal diseases was recently discussed by OIE experts.
11th August 2010
Meet Laura Solonen, a vet specialising in equine clinical epidemiology.
2nd August 2010
Rob Tillyard looks at the simple actions staff can take to improve the performance - and hygiene - of their computers.
16th July 2010
African Vet Safaris give clients a rare and unique hands-on opportunity to become involved in conservation, while having a once in a lifetime experience not normally commercially available! Read on for more information...