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Chatter box The RSPCA has reported a huge spike in the number of ‘designer’ dogs arriving into its care.

Figures published by the charity show there has been a 517 per cent increase in the number of French bulldogs arriving into its kennels. During that time, the charity has also seen an increase in dachshunds, chihuahuas, and crossbreeds.

RSPCA dog welfare expert Lisa Hens said: “We know that the breeds of dog coming into our care often reflect the trends in dog ownership in the wider world and, at the moment, it doesn’t get more trendy than ‘designer’ dogs like French bulldogs and Dachshunds."

 Chatter box

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Small Animal News
Is your cat a Gryffinclaw or a Snifferin?

Cats Protection creates Harry Potter inspired Sorting Hat for cats
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Mascara wand appeal a huge success

Wildlife charity has received brushes from all over the world
Goats to help prevent wildfires in Nevada City

City council seeking goats to graze greenbelt
Family find fox asleep on top of microwave

RSPCA tend to fox in family kitchen
Ford develops noise-cancelling kennel

Kennel could protect pets from the sound of fireworks
Hamish the polar bear celebrates first birthday

UK’s only polar bear cub treated to special ice cake
Audible launches series of books for dogs

Research finds audiobooks have a calming effect
Eighty per cent of Brits buy their dog a Christmas present

Survey reveals extent of nation’s pet pampering habits
Dog employed as therapist at Bromley school

Selkie helps students through difficult times
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News Shorts
Withdrawal period increased for Closamectin pour-on

The withdrawal period for Closamectin pour-on solution for cattle has been increased from 28 days to 58 for meat and offal.

Closamectin treats roundworms, late immature to adult fluke (from seven weeks), mange mites and lice.

Norbrook Laboratories Ltd said the change would take effect immediately. Customers are being offered practical support to inform end users.

The change meets industry requirements to reduce the amount of residue going into food and the environment. It has been approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and an updated summary of product characteristics will be available on the website.

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