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Study reveals insights into bird diversity on islands
19th February 2020
Size and distance key to determining a variety of species
Improvements needed to protect pollinators, study finds
19th February 2020
Habitat quality and diversity found to be insufficient
Study reveals London's hedgehog hotspots
18th February 2020
Native hedgehogs thriving in some areas but less so in others
New breakthrough in tackling deadly diseases affecting koalas
18th February 2020
Discovery could inform future breeding programmes
Defra reissues wild bird control licences
14th February 2020
Licences allow users to kill carrion crows and wood pigeons
Australia identifies 113 species in need of 'urgent help' after bushfires
13th February 2020
Severe habitat loss places millions at risk
New insights into the physical capabilities of aquatic animals
12th February 2020
Mackerels and humpback whales jump out of the sea at the same speed
Born Free calls for closure of global wildlife markets as coronavirus spreads
11th February 2020
Campaign backed by wildlife protection groups
Basking sharks travel to familiar feeding sites in family groups
7th February 2020
Study sheds new light on migration routes of sharks
Born Free launches appeal for ex-circus lioness in Italy
6th February 2020
Charity asks for support to provide lifetime care
Wild grey seals clap underwater to communicate
5th February 2020
Piercing sound used to attract potential mates
New project trials drones to monitor giraffe populations in Cameroon
29th January 2020
Collaboration to bolster wildlife monitoring strategies