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14th June 2019
Paper describes abuse case first diagnosed as Legg-Calve-Perthes disease
13th June 2019
Charity responds to latest figures on greyhound injuries
12th June 2019
Figures show nearly 2,000 pets reported stolen last year
11th June 2019
Olivia Bowen Buckland has urged people to do their research
10th June 2019
'Little doubt' that serious pathogens are more prevalent in raw diets
10th June 2019
Researchers assess how dogs' cortisol levels are influenced by their owners
6th June 2019
Battersea takes in six 'flat-faced' cats at its London rescue centre
6th June 2019
Dog imports to Britain reached 307,357 in 2018
5th June 2019
Scottish SPCA reports huge rise in rabbits coming into its care
5th June 2019
Scientists urge 'extreme caution' after case study series highlights dangers
5th June 2019
Researchers study more than 5,000 greyhounds seen by first opinion practices
4th June 2019
Lily-Rose helps her owner's mother with tasks around the home