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21st March 2019
Spaniel's wound was infected with resistant haemolytic E. coli
21st March 2019
'Surprise' finding highlights need for routine surveillance
15th March 2019
Study suggest wolves lead and dogs follow
11th March 2019
Minister to discuss options with charities and MPs
6th March 2019
Raw dog foods found to contain high levels of bacteria
4th March 2019
Dog taken from family who had not paid taxes
28th February 2019
Vets compare modern profiles with those from a century ago
27th February 2019
Sessions to help students who feel stressed or suffer from anxiety
27th February 2019
Nearly two thirds believe collar only needs to be worn outside the home
26th February 2019
Charity says UK is facing 'cat overpopulation crisis'
26th February 2019
Scientists identify variant in the gene OLFML3
19th February 2019
Possible ban on third party sales under consideration