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16th January 2019
Detection dogs can 'significantly improve' quality of life for diabetic owners
15th January 2019
Survey suggests demand for dog walking services is growing
14th January 2019
Scientists compare skull scans of wolves, hyenas and lions
14th January 2019
Largest haul seized in South Africa in recent years
11th January 2019
Bookmakers agree payments worth up to 3 million
11th January 2019
Scientists identify genetic changes in mast cell tumours
8th January 2019
Springer spaniel sniffs-out hedgehogs at risk of land development
4th January 2019
Study looks at links between weight and longevity
3rd January 2019
Test awareness low among owners of 'designer crossbreeds'
2nd January 2019
Many home boarders have not been able to renew their licence
31st December 2018
New law prohibits the sale of animals from breeders in pet shops
27th December 2018
Officials say puppy trafficking "will not be tolerated"