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Changes to the training of official veterinarians
Changes to the training of official veterinarians

OVs must hold a new OCQ(V) qualification by March 31
Knitters and kittens join forces
Knitters and kittens join forces

Battersea's cattery launches a knitting club
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News Story 1
Chatter box An ex-puppy farm dog has found the perfect loving home after appearing at this year's Pup Aid event.

Violet, a six-year-old mastiff-cross, was taken in by Wood Green after she was found abandoned and suffering from serious health problems. It was obvious to staff that she had been used as a breeding bitch before being deemed too old.

The animal shelter thought she would make an excellent ambassador for the Pup Aid campaign, which fights to end puppy farming across the UK. Violet appeared at Parliament Square while MPs debated the issue of puppy farming recently, as well as visiting this year's Pup Aid event.

As if by fate, it was during this event that Violet found her new owner - dog groomer and devoted Mastiff lover Donna-Marie Law.

Donna said: "It was our third time at Pup Aid and as we went past Wood Green my eldest son actually said 'look Mum, there's your next dog'. I said 'no' but was back 20 minutes later, chatting to the Wood Green team and I was hooked."

(Image courtesy of Wood Green, the Animals Charity.)  Chatter box

Labour Party makes a pledge to end the badger cull

Labour MP Maria Eagle has promised the controversial badger cull will end if her party is voted in at the next election.

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, the MP for Garston and Halewood said: "A Labour government will tackle the scourge of bovine TB, but not by using a policy dubbed 'an epic failure' by the chief scientific advisor of Natural England.

"Conference, I want to make it clear today. We will put a stop to these inhumane, ineffective badger culls."

The second year of badger culling officially began in Somerset and Gloucestershire earlier this month.

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