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News Story 1
Chatter box Canine Partners is celebrating its 25th anniversary and so far has matched over 500 disabled people with assistance dogs. Entirely dependent on donations, the charity funds the training of puppies to perform tasks such as unloading the washing machine, undressing their owners, and even taking cash from ATM machines.

Maisy (pictured) is a female black labrador crossed with a golden retriever who's training with a volunteer puppy parent now means she can sit, stand, lie down and rollover when asked. The eight-month-old is learning to tug which means soon she will be able to remove clothes and open doors so she can be suitably matched with a person who has a physical disability.

The charity are currently on the search for volunteers to become puppy parents and take part in the early training of their dogs. For more information visit Image(C) Pets Corner  Chatter box

Homeless dogs soothed by classical music

Classical music has a calming effect on dogs in rehoming centres, according to a study by the University of Glasgow and the Scottish SPCA. According to the findings, the dogs involved in the study spent less time standing and barking when the music was played in their kennels.

As well as observing the dogs' behaviour, researchers monitored their heart rates and collected saliva samples. Future work will explore how dogs respond to other types of music. Following this, the Scottish SPCA will decide how best to apply their findings to all of their rehoming centres.

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