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Chatter box A new DNA testing scheme for juvenile laryngeal paralysis and polyneuropathy (JLPP) in the Russian black terrier has been approved by The Kennel Club.

JLPP is a genetic disease that affects the nerves. In affected dogs, it starts with the nerve that supplies the muscles of the larynx leading to muscle weakness and laryngeal paralysis.

To find out which laboratories the Kennel Club is able to record results from, and which labs will send results direct to the Kennel Club, visit

 Chatter box

Small Animal News
Charity launches lonely hearts page for cockerels

Adverts illustrate distinguishing qualities
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Airport opens new 'luxury' terminal for animals

Terminal 'sets new standards for veterinary services'
Dogs happiest when listening to reggae

Research shows dogs have different music tastes
Japanese monkey displays mating behaviour with deer

Incident observed on Yakushima Island
Seal found in Norfolk garden

Lost animal made it back to the sea for the new year
Scorpion halts Edinburgh-bound train

Arachnid scuttled out of a passenger's bag
How much do you know about reindeer?

BVA and Veterinary Deer Society publish festive quiz
Resident mousers join the Cabinet Office

Third government department seeks out the company of felines
RSPCA staff 'sleep-in' for cats

Six fundraisers aim to raise 1,000 for felines in their care
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News Shorts
Feline art marks 90 years of Cats Protection

Sussex-based charity Cats Protection is hosting a prestigious art exhibition to mark its 90th anniversary.

More than 200 paintings provided by members of the Society of Feline Artists will go on show at the charity's National Cat Centre in Chelwood Gate (28 April - 7 May).

"Art enthusiasts, students and cat lovers alike will all enjoy the exhibition, and we hope it will also inspire some of our younger visitors to get sketching," said Cats Protection's director of fundraising, Lewis Coghlin.

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