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Stem cell treatment a ‘breakthrough’ for equine lameness
“Arti-Cell® Forte contains stem cells that have been chondrogenically induced and therefore primed to develop into the cartilage cell lineage".
Arti-Cell Forte is the first stem cell-based medicine to receive marketing authorisation

The first stem cell-based medicine to receive marketing authorisation for the treatment of equine lameness has been launched by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Hailed as a ‘breakthrough medicine’ for degenerative joint disease in horses, Arti-Cell Forte is the first ‘ready-to-use’ stem cell-based product to be licensed in any veterinary species. It is also the only stem cell treatment to contain induced cells, marking a significant step in stem cell therapies and medicine as a whole.

“Arti-Cell® Forte contains stem cells that have been chondrogenically induced and therefore primed to develop into the cartilage cell lineage,” explained DR Amy Scott MRCVS, Boehringer Ingehlheim’s performance horse portfolio manager.

“Studies have shown that chondrogenically induced stem cells demonstrate an enhanced clinical outcome compared to un-induced stem cells in the treatment of joint disease in horses. This makes Arti-Cell® Forte a highly targeted and effective treatment for cartilage damage associated with degenerative joint disease.”

The medicine is available to veterinary practitioners direct from Boehringer Ingelheim. It is stored at ultra-low temperatures to maintain its two-year shelf life, either frozen at -70 ⁰C to -90 ⁰C (dry ice, -80 ⁰C freezer) or -196 ⁰C (liquid nitrogen) until immediately before injecting. 

Full training on storage and administration of the medicine is available from the Boehringer via face-to-face CPD at practice meetings or specific CPD events. For more information about these events, email 

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Petplan Veterinary Awards 2020 open for nominations

News Story 1
 Nominations are open for the 2020 Petplan Veterinary Awards, a prestigious event that pays recognition to some of the UK’s most notable veterinary professionals.

“We have been recognising the brilliant work of the UK’s veterinary professionals through the Petplan Veterinary Awards for 21 years now and every year the standard of entries just gets higher,” said James Barnes, head of sales and partnerships at Petplan.

To nominate a colleague for the awards visit, before nominations close on 16th January 2020. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 2 April 2020 in Birmingham. 

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News Shorts
BEVA survey seeks views about antibiotic use in horses

Equine vets are being invited to participate in a BEVA survey that aims to find out more about antimicrobial resistance in equine veterinary practice.

Designed by researchers at the University of Liverpool and incoming BEVA president Tim Mair, the survey aims to fill gaps in knowledge about how antimicrobials are being used in equine practice and the landscape of resistant infections encountered in equine practice.

Researchers hope the results will lead to a greater understanding of the role of antimicrobial treatment and antimicrobial resistance in horses and protect antibiotics for the future of equine and human health.