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Ivory bill becomes UK law
Approximately 20,000 elephants are poached every year for ivory.
New bill bans the commercial use of ivory in the UK

A ban on ivory sales has become UK law in the Ivory Act 2018. It is predicted to come into force in late 2019.

Introduced in May 2018, the bill has passed parliamentary processes with support across the house.

Approximately 20,000 elephants are poached every year for ivory and the elephant population has dropped by nearly a third in the last 10 years.

Wildlife charity Born Free has welcomed the bill and calls it “a vindication of Born Free’s long-standing assertion that only by banning the trade in ivory can we hope to bring an end to the poaching of elephants, who are being slaughtered on an industrial scale to provide the market with tokens and trinkets”.

The Act will:
  • submit a total ban on dealing in ivory, irrespective of its age, within the UK. This will include imports and exports to and from the UK
  • introduce a new compliance system in which current owners of ivory can continue to trade in exempt items. Such allowances include musical instruments made before 1975 with an ivory content of less than 20%, and sales to accredited museums.
  • implement tough new penalties for anyone found guilty of disobeying the law.

Environment secretary, Michael Gove, commented:

“It is an extraordinary achievement to have passed this Act of Parliament. The Ivory Act is a landmark in our fight to protect wildlife and the environment. The speed of its passage through Parliament shows the strength of feeling on all sides of the House on this critical issue.”

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Huge spike in ‘designer’ dogs going into rescue

News Story 1
 The RSPCA has reported a huge spike in the number of ‘designer’ dogs arriving into its care.

Figures published by the charity show there has been a 517 per cent increase in the number of French bulldogs arriving into its kennels. During that time, the charity has also seen an increase in dachshunds, chihuahuas, and crossbreeds.

RSPCA dog welfare expert Lisa Hens said: “We know that the breeds of dog coming into our care often reflect the trends in dog ownership in the wider world and, at the moment, it doesn’t get more trendy than ‘designer’ dogs like French bulldogs and Dachshunds."


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New shearing guidance for farmers and contractors

Industry bodies have produced guidance for farmers and contractors on how to handle sheep during shearing to avoid stress and injury.

The guidance includes every step - from the presentation of sheep and facilities for shearing, through to using a contractor and shearers - and aims to ensure shearing is carried out safely, efficiently and with high standards of animal welfare.

Guide co-author Jill Hewitt from the NAAC said: “Shearing is a professional job that takes significant skill. Shearers take their responsibility to protect animal welfare very seriously and it will be a positive step to remind everyone of the importance of working together.’