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Norbook recalls pain relief treatment
Norbrook has issued a recall for Meloxaid oral suspension for dogs and cats.
Manufacturer confirms increase of pH in certain batches

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) has issued a product recall alert for Meloxaid Oral Suspension for Dogs and Cats.

In a statement, the VMD said: “We wish to make wholesalers and veterinary surgeons, aware that Norbrook Laboratories Ltd has issued a recall for Meloxaid 5mg/ml Solution for Injection for Dogs and Cats (Vm 02000/4397).

“Norbrook have verified that the pH of certain batches has increased over time and is out of specification.”

The issue affects batch numbers 6094-93B (Expiry Date: 03/2019, 10ml pack) and 6094-94M (Expiry Date: 03/2019, 20ml pack).

Any queries should be directed to Ms Anita Vanderlaan at Norbrook Laboratories Ltd. Tel 028 3026 4435. Email:

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Giraffe Conservation Foundation named BVNA’s charity of the year

News Story 1
 BVNA president Wendy Nevins has named The Giraffe Conservation Foundation as the association’s charity of the year for 2017/2018.

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation dedicates its work to a sustainable future for wild giraffe populations. Wendy Nevins said: ‘I have chosen the Giraffe Conservation Foundation for the BVNA Charity of the Year because I have always thought Giraffes were magnificent animals.

‘I also think it is important that we look at the wider issue of conservation and education across all species.’  

News Shorts
Scientists win award for openness in animal research

UK scientists have won an award for the 360ş Laboratory Animal Tours project, which offered the public an online, interactive tour of four research facilities that are usually restricted access.

The project won a public engagement award at the Understanding Animal Research (UAR) Openness Awards, which recognise UK research facilities for transparency on their use of animals in research, as well as innovation in communicating with the public.

The tour was created by the Pirbright Institute, the University of Oxford, the University of Bristol and MRC Harwell Institute.