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Scottish government launches consultation on bovine TB
The consultation seeks views on a proposal to introduce changes to the need for post-movement testing.

Move ’vital to maintaining Scotland’s OTF status' - BVA

A consultation outlining proposals to introduce changes to compensation arrangements in Scotland and update the Tuberculosis (Scotland) Order 2007 on other disease control measures has been launched by the Scottish Government.

The consultation seeks views on a specific proposal to introduce changes to the need for post-movement testing and the way compensation is paid to cattle keepers who break the rules.

It comes not long after Defra and the Welsh government introduced plans to make changes to their own TB programmes.

Speaking to The Herald, rural economy secretary Fergus Ewing said: “"The Scottish Government is committed to maintaining our current low level of TB and safeguard our Official TB Free status.

"It only seems fair that, where a keeper has broken rules, that they should not then be able to recover the full market value for their animals that are slaughtered as a result of poor farming practices or non-compliance. We are therefore looking for views as to whether further measures to encourage Scottish farmers to follow good farming practices and keep diseases out of their herds is required.”

BVA Scottish Branch president Melissa Donald commented: “We welcome the announcement that Scottish Government are carrying out a consultation on bovine TB. While Scotland currently enjoys Official Tuberculosis Free status it is vital that Government continue to review their TB controls and compensation system to ensure compliance and encourage best practice.

“BVA will consider the proposals in detail together with colleagues in the British Cattle Veterinary Association and other relevant specialist divisions, and provide a full response.”

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Survey seeks to learn about racehorse aftercare

News Story 1
 The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is launching a survey to improve understanding of aftercare for thoroughbreds. The survey has been emailed to trainers, who are asked to share their own experiences, with a focus on life after horses finish their racing careers. It forms part of an equine health and welfare strategy being developed by the BHA. 

News Shorts
BEVA launches programme to support new equine vets

A new series of courses is aiming to help those in the early stages of an equine veterinary career. The BEVA’s Equine Practice Fundamentals Programme is comprised of 10 CPD courses on the essentials of equine care, with a mixture of lectures and hands-on practicals.

The BEVA said it is aware from younger vets and employers that there are some equine fields where newer graduates are lacking in clinical skills. The course, which has been designed following consultation with over 60 senior practitioners across BEVA’s membership, will run in 2018 and 2019. For further information visit: