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Holidaymaker finds South African frog in suitcase
The frog will remain in captivity where it’ll be provided with specialist care.
RSPCA urges travellers to check their luggage

Travellers are being urged to check their luggage for stowaway creatures before going home after a frog flew more than 8,000 miles from South Africa to Nottinghamshire.

The warning comes from the RSPCA after animal collection officer Paula Jones was called out to the village of Darlton. A woman had returned from a holiday in South Africa and found the frog, which was about the size of a £2 coin, in her suitcase.

“The caller was unpacking from a recent trip abroad when a little frog hopped out of her bag,” ACO Jones said. “She managed to quickly confine the amphibian under an upturned box and contacted us for help.

“I went out to collect the frog and took him to a local farm with specialist facilities for exotic animals. He’s doing well considering his long journey but was very still when I first picked him up. He’s definitely not used to our cold climate as once warmed up was a lot more active.”

The RSPCA is frequently contacted by holidaymakers who have returned home with something they didn’t quite expect.

ACO Jones added: “We often get called out to collect lizards, frogs, crabs and spiders who have crawled into clothes and bags before flying home with their unsuspecting smugglers. We’ve even been called by people who have found potentially deadly scorpions in their suitcases!

“I hope this little frog’s remarkable journey will remind holidaymakers to always give their cases an extra thorough check before heading home - just in case they too pick up a surprising stowaway.”

The frog will remain in captivity where it’ll be provided with specialist care.

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Nominations open for National Cat Awards 2020

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 UK charity Cats Protection has announced that cat owners can nominate their pets for the National Cat Awards 2020 starting today.

The awards take place annually, celebrating heart warming stories of the positive impact that cats have on their owners. Cat owners have until Thursday 12 March to submit their nominations through the Cats Protection website. 

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