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California pet shops to only sell rescued animals
Over 6.5 million unwanted pets enter shelters every year in the USA.
New law prohibits the sale of animals from breeders in pet shops

A new law, known as AB 485, is scheduled to make California the first US state to only allow the sale of rescued animals in pet shops, according to a BBC News report.

Set to take effect on 1 January 2019, Californian pet retailers can no longer purchase cats, dogs and rabbits from breeders and must source animals from shelters. Any pet shop found guilty of breaching the new law will face a fine of $500.

Breeders, however, will still be allowed to make private sales.

Patrick O’Donnell, who introduced AB 485, has declared it beneficial to not just animals but to taxpayers, too. Currently, taxpayers across California contribute to the cost of sheltering unwanted animals.

The law has been welcomed by animal welfare groups who have been quoted by the BBC as calling it a victory against “kitten factories” and “puppy mills” where pets are bred for money.

In accordance with AB 485, pet shops in California will now be required by law to retain sufficient records of where each animal on sale was sourced.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) estimates that of the 6.5 million pets entering shelters in the USA each year, currently 1.5 million are euthanised.

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New road sign to protect small wildlife

News Story 1
 Transport secretary Chris Grayling has unveiled a new road sign to help cut traffic accidents and protect small wildlife, particularly hedgehogs.

Local authorities and animal welfare groups are being asked to identify accident and wildlife hotspots where the sign - which features a hedgehog - should be located.

Government figures show that more than 600 people were injured in road accidents involving animals in 2017, and four people were killed. These figures do not include accidents involving horses. The new sign will be used to warn motorists in areas where there are large concentrations of small wild animals, including squirrels, badgers, otters and hedgehogs.  

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News Shorts
NOAH members re-elect Jamie Brannan as chair

Jamie Brannan, senior Vice President of Zoetis, has been re-elected as chair of NOAH for 2019/20, during this year’s AGM, held in London.

Mr Brannan joined Zoetis and the NOAH board in 2016, becoming NOAH’s vice-chair in 2018 and replacing Gaynor Hillier as chair later that year.

He commented: “I am extremely pleased to have been elected by the NOAH membership and am proud to be able to represent our industry at such a critical time for the UK animal health industry. I look forward to driving forward our new NOAH Strategy and to working with our members, old and new, in the coming year.”