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World's oldest land animal celebrates 191st birthday
World's oldest land animal celebrates 191st birthday

Jonathan the tortoise shows 'no sign of slowing down'.
BSAVA Postgraduate Certificates (PgCert) Stowe Veterinary Group Graduate Program 2023
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  • Rota Manager
  • Laboratory Management
  • IRIS Digital Imaging Solutions
Search dog who served for 12 years dies

News Story 1
Red, a search and rescue dog with the Staffordshire Search and Rescue Team, has died after 12 years of service.

The National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA) announced on Facebook that he had died from cancer.

The border collie joined the team in 2011 at eight weeks old. During his career, he helped in over 250 searches.

Red retired in 2022, due to his diagnosis. Despite a prognosis of six weeks to six months, he lived for 12 months.
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Blood bank not accepting XL bully donors

Pet Blood Bank UK has said that it will no longer be accepting XL bully type dogs as blood donors in England and Wales.

The announcement comes ahead of the first stage of the XL bully ban, which begins on 31 December 2023.

The legislation will mean that, as a banned dog, XL bully types will need to wear a muzzle in all public spaces. This includes the donation centre, which the blood bank says will compromise the dogs' welfare when donating blood.

The charity will continue accepting pre-existing XL bully type donors at its donation centres in Scotland, subject to any updates in the Scottish legislation.

However, they will no longer be accepting any new donor registrations from the breed at any centres in the UK.

Pet Blood Bank UK says that, while they understand the news is 'disappointing', they hope that XL bully type owners will continue to support them by volunteering and fundraising.

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