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Vets to debate how to engage Gen Z in disease prevention
"It is essential the profession understands this grwing demand and ensures pet owners have access to accurate information" - Justine Shotton, BVA vice-president.
The BVA Congress session will explore the challenges and opportunities for reaching a younger generation of pet owner.

A panel debate exploring how to reach a younger generation of pet owners to prevent disease will take place at London Vet Show on Friday (18 November).

The BVA Congress session, titled Preventative Health and the Gen Z Client – engaging a new generation of pet owners with disease prevention, will explore the issues and opportunities presented by this new, tech-savvy generation.

Chaired by BVA senior vice president Justine Shotton, the session will look at how young people access, digest and share information in new ways. 

Joining her on the panel will be Tanya Michelsen, associate director of CM Research; Marnie Brennan, associate professor in epidemiology at the University of Nottingham; Rebekah Ellis, brand and customer manager, MSD Human Health, and Ben Sweeney, founder and CEO of Vidivet.

Dr Shotton said: “The rapid proliferation of telemedicine and the growth of online advice groups on platforms like Facebook are clear signs that clients are looking for additional ways to access veterinary services and advice. 

“It is essential the profession understands this growing demand and ensures pet owners have access to accurate information. This session at BVA Congress promises to be extremely insightful, exploring the challenges but also the opportunities for reaching a new, younger generation of pet owner.” 

The session takes place on Friday, 18 November, 1:50 pm.

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VMG president joins House of Lords

News Story 1
 Miles Russell, president of the Veterinary Management Group (VMG), has been elected to the House of Lords as a crossbench hereditary peer.

He will join Lord Trees as a representative of the veterinary sector in the second chamber of the UK parliament.

Lord Russell said: "Those of us working in the animal health and veterinary sectors are only too aware of the importance of the work we do and the challenges we face.

"I will use my platform in the House of Lords to increase understanding of our sectors and to promote positive change." 

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News Shorts
Duchess of York stars in charity calendar

The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals (NFRSA) has released its charity calendar for 2024, featuring Sarah, Duchess of York and a selection of the retired service animals the charity supports.

The 12 images were taken by animal photographer Gerry Slade and include retired police dogs and horses, a former border force detector dog, and a retired fire investigation and urban search and rescue dog.

Sarah, Duchess of York, who is a patron of the charity, appears alongside retired police dog Jessie in the photograph for December.

So far this year, the charity has given more than 40,000 in grants to help former service animals with their veterinary care. After retirement, they receive no financial support from the Government and obtaining affordable insurance can be difficult.