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Comedy wildlife photo awards shortlist revealed
From a kangaroo playing air guitar to a squabble between feathered friends.

The thousands of entries for this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been whittled down to a shortlist of the best photos and videos.

Forty-one standalone photographs are shortlisted, along with three videos and three portfolios. They will be judged by a panel which includes TV presenter Kate Humble, comedian Hugh Dennis, and the co-founder of the Born Free Foundation Will Travers.

The public can also vote for their favourite in the People’s Choice Award. The winners will be announced on 23 November.

We’ve picked six of our favourites from the shortlist.

(C) Otter Kwek/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Otter Ballerina

This snap of a smooth-coated otter was taken by the appropriately-named Otter Kwek in Singapore.
Mr Kwek said: “I showed this photo to a ballet teacher, and she commented that the otter is a natural but just needs to tuck in its tummy a bit.”

(C) Dikla Gabriely/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Picture me! Picture me!

This brown bear from Finland was very keen to attract the attention of photographer Dikla Gabriely.

(C) John Blumenkamp/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Monday Blahs

John Blumenkamp, who took this snap in the Grand Teton National Park, USA, said: “This great grey owl spent most of the afternoon posing majestically and looking, well, wise. But for a moment or two after doing some elegant stretching, he/she would slump and give a look of 'Is Monday over yet?'” 

(C) Jason Moore/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Air Guitar Roo

Spotted by Jason Moore as he was driving in Australia, this grey kangaroo is very much enjoying playing air guitar. Perhaps he's pretending to be a member of legendary Aussie rockers AC/DC.

(C) Jacek Stankiewicz/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

These goldfinches, photographed by Jacek Stankiewicz in a Polish forest, are clearly not getting along.
Mr Stankiewicz said: “My friends interpret this scene in two ways. 1. A young naughty kid is arguing with a parent. 2. One kid is reporting to the parent that its brother did something wrong: look he has broken the glass in the window.”

(C) Adrian Slazok/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Everyone Can Fly

Snapped on the east coast of England in late autumn, Adrian Slazok's photograph shows a grey seal taking off from the beach.

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VMG president joins House of Lords

News Story 1
 Miles Russell, president of the Veterinary Management Group (VMG), has been elected to the House of Lords as a crossbench hereditary peer.

He will join Lord Trees as a representative of the veterinary sector in the second chamber of the UK parliament.

Lord Russell said: "Those of us working in the animal health and veterinary sectors are only too aware of the importance of the work we do and the challenges we face.

"I will use my platform in the House of Lords to increase understanding of our sectors and to promote positive change." 

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News Shorts
Duchess of York stars in charity calendar

The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals (NFRSA) has released its charity calendar for 2024, featuring Sarah, Duchess of York and a selection of the retired service animals the charity supports.

The 12 images were taken by animal photographer Gerry Slade and include retired police dogs and horses, a former border force detector dog, and a retired fire investigation and urban search and rescue dog.

Sarah, Duchess of York, who is a patron of the charity, appears alongside retired police dog Jessie in the photograph for December.

So far this year, the charity has given more than 40,000 in grants to help former service animals with their veterinary care. After retirement, they receive no financial support from the Government and obtaining affordable insurance can be difficult.