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BVA releases resources on microaggressions
67 per cent of incidents of discrimination in the veterinary workplace were carried out by colleagues.
The posters and blog posts aim to tackle discrimination in the workplace. 

The BVA has launched resources to spark conversation and educate veterinary professionals on microaggressions in the workplace.

A series of posters, entitled 'Lets talk about microaggressions', have been released by the BVA, in the hopes that practices and veterinary education centres will display them to raise awareness of common microaggressions against marginalised groups.

Microaggressions are comments and actions which target a marginalised group of people in a negative manner. Whether they are intended or accidental, these microaggressions are a form of discrimination, based on stereotypes. 

New research from the BVA shows that one in six vets surveyed (15 per cent) have personally experienced discrimination in their veterinary workplace or educational facility this year, while the Spring 2021 Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey displayed that just over one in five veterinary professionals have witnessed discrimination, and that the majority of incidents were carried out by colleagues. 

Developed with the British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society, British Veterinary LGBT+, British Veterinary Chronic Illness Support, Vetlife, and other advisors, it is hoped that these posters will encourage those in the veterinary sector to consider the impact of their words, and the open up a 'big conversation' on microaggressions as a form of discrimination.

BVA junior vice president Malcolm Morley commented on the initiative: “I am extremely concerned that so many vets are still being subjected to discrimination in the places where they work and study, and it’s more disturbing that many of these incidents are being carried out by colleagues. 

“While some of these incidents will certainly have been intentional, it’s also likely that there are many subtle ‘microaggressions’ taking place, where the speaker did not intend the harm they caused. 

“Unfortunately, having good intentions doesn’t always stop us from hurting others, particularly if our comments are just one of a number of similar interactions a person has had to endure.

“We can all help by developing our understanding of why our words can be harmful. So, we’re asking you to join our #BigConversation about microaggressions, to help us all consider and evolve our own language. 

“Some of these conversations may be difficult but they’re an opportunity for all of us to help ensure veterinary learning and working environments are welcoming and inclusive for everyone.”

The posters, along with blogs on the impact of microaggressions, are available to read here. The BVA is asking practices to consider displaying the posters to help raise awareness of the discrimination. 

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RCVS Fellowship applications open

News Story 1
 Applications have now opened for RCVS Fellowship 2022. The RCVS is encouraging anyone who would like to be considered for Fellowship to apply, and if successful, they will be welcomed into the Fellowship next year.

The process for joining the fellowship has changed slightly for this year, as applicants will now need two signed referee forms instead of three professional references, and five assessors will review each application instead of three.

The deadline for applications is 14 February 2022, and more information on how to apply can be found here. If applicants have any questions, or would like informal advice from previous successful applicants, they are encouraged to contact Ceri Via Email 

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News Shorts
Horiba announces veterinary haematology webinar

Horiba Medical has announced a free webinar providing practical insight on best practice in veterinary haematology. Entitled 'In practice haematology - Beyond the pale!' the webinar will be presented by Ronnie Barron from the University of Glasgow Veterinary School.

Ronnie's presentation, which will conclude with a Q&A session, will look at QC and artefacts of sample quality and review the effects of different pathologies. Using images, photomicrographs and video links, he will also explain the techniques and equipment needed to complement analytical automation to confirm results quality.

The webinar takes place on Thursday, October 28 (7.30-9pm). For more details and to register, click here.