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Charity reports rise in owners looking to give up their dog
Dogs Trust has reported a 100 per cent rise in the number of people visiting its 'give up your dog' page.

Dogs Trust launches survey to better understand how ‘pandemic pups’ are coping.

Dogs Trust has reported a rise in the number of dog owners looking to give up their pet.

The animal charity says that it has noticed a 100 per cent increase in the number of visits to its ‘give up your dog’ page in the last six months, most likely owing to people returning to their workplaces and leading more active social lives. 

To better understand exactly why this happening, Dogs Trust has launched a nationwide survey to find out how dogs are coping with the ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions.

The answers will help Dogs Trust plan for the future so that it may continue to provide urgent care and behaviour support where it is most needed. Survey participants will also receive dog behaviour advice via email tailored to their experiences.

A Dogs Trust spokesperson said: “With increasingly active social lives and many owners going back to workplaces, life has changed massively once more. Highly sensitive to routine, our four-legged friends can feel stressed and anxious when things shift, and this can affect their behaviour.

"Sadly, in the last six months we've  tracked a 100 per cent increase in the number  of  visits to our  “Giving up your dog” web page. We want to be by the side of dogs and their owners to support them through the challenges of this next phase, but we can’t do this without your help.”

The survey is open to all UK dog owners and takes 10 minutes to complete. Find it at

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Prestigious veterinary awards open for nominations

News Story 1
 Nominations for the prestigious PetPlan Veterinary Awards 2022 are now open, with five accolades up for grabs including: Practice of the Year; Vet of the Year, Vet Nurse of the Year, Practice Manager of the Year and Practice Support Staff.

Anyone can nominate an outstanding veterinary professional or practice for an award, from colleagues to pet owners, friends and family. Nominations remain anonymous, and Petplan will send everyone who receives a nomination a certificate to display in their practice.

Nominations can be made at and remain open until Monday 10 January. 

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News Shorts
New online CPD otitis podcast created

A new 15 minute podcast on treating animals with otitis has been created by Dechra Veterinary Products. Featuring general practice vet Carolyn Kyte and veterinary dermatology specialist Natalie Barnard, the two vets will discuss their experiences treating otitis, and why owners are significant in successful treatment.

Dechra Brand Manager Carol Morgan commented: "What Carolyn and Natalie bring to the table with their new podcast for the Dechra Academy is a light and insightful discussion about communication and education being the keystone for better otitis outcomes and how vets can improve on their consultation skills to handle cases better."`

The podcast, called 'Think Differently about Otitis', is available to access for free on the Dechra Academy on-demand learning platform here.