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Documentary explores illegal practices on canine fertility course
The documentary exposed the illegal practices being taught on a SmartBreeder course in Manchester.
The BBC documentary exposes the dark side of 'Britain's Puppy Boom'. 

The BBC has released a documentary today (20 July) on 'Britain's Puppy Boom: Counting the Cost', an exploration into illegal activities in a canine fertility course.

Presented by veterinary surgeon Fabian Rivers - a BVA Council member, winner of the the BVA Young Vet of the Year Award 2020, and star of CBBC's The Pets Factor - the documentary reveals the shocking practices that some breeders have illegally undertaken in order to fuel the 'pandemic puppy' boom. 

Fabian told MRCVS Online: "During filming, it was very clear that the complexion of the puppy boom was multifaceted and very complex. Culture, naivety and some pretty barbaric practices were at the forefront of a lot of the discoveries.” 

The undercover footage featured in the documentary shows unqualified and unregulated people illegally taking blood from animals, and advocating the use of human contraceptive pills. 

Also revealed in the footage are potentially illegal acts, such as entering a body cavity during artificial insemination, alongside poor animal hygiene and handling. 

“Vets have seen worryingly some momentum to compromised animal welfare practices and this documentary was intended to help make the the reality of those decisions, accessible and available,” Fabian added.
“Vets, breeders and the general public are all stake holders in how we address this pandemic sized phenomenon. Education is so important but so is regulation and legislation and with both, I really believe the general public will start to see the gravity of what buying a new puppy is.”

The BVA has called for immediate and necessary enforcement action to clamp down on illegal activities in canine fertility clinics following the documentary. 

BVA senior vice president Daniella Dos Santos commented: “It appears many clinics are focused on the breeds that can have serious welfare issues and as such veterinary professionals advise against. 

“Rather than listen to sound veterinary advice these unscrupulous breeders are taking their own actions and risking animal welfare.

“The handling and treatment of the animals in the undercover footage clearly demonstrates that the welfare of these dogs is not being protected or respected. Urgent enforcement action is needed to clamp down on these unregulated and dangerous practices.”

The BBC has reported its findings to Defra, Trading Standards, and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate for further investigation. 

The documentary is available to view at

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Vets asked to opt-in to Scottish SPCA fostering programme

News Story 1
 The Scottish SPCA is encouraging veterinary practices to opt into its new fostering programme, by agreeing to register foster animals when approached by one of the foster carers.

The programme goes live in August 2021, and will help to rehabilitate animals under the Scottish SPCA's care until they are able to be properly re-homed. The programme will help the animals to receive care and attention in a stable and happy home environment, as some animals do not cope with a rescue and re-homing centre environment as well as others.

Specific information for veterinary practices on the new programme can be found at 

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Webinar provides insight into old age pets

A new webinar providing insights into the BSAVA PetSavers Old Age Pets citizen science project is now available free of charge to its members via the BSAVA Library

The webinar presents an exclusive insight into the research process and progression of the study, which aims to help veterinary professionals and owners provide the best care for their senior dogs.

It also discusses the study's research methods, the researchers' personal interests in this area of study, and how they envisage the findings being used to create a guidance tool to improve discussions between vets and owners about their ageing dogs.