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Experts to discuss tick-borne diseases
'Vets are easy targets for flea and tick-borne infections- - Hany Elsheikha, Vis-a-Vis Symposiums.
Free event open to vets, medics and researchers

World-renowned experts are set to gather in London this Summer to discuss challenges and opportunities to support patients with tick-borne diseases.

The free event, organised by Vis-a-Vis Symposiums, will take place on 6 July at Imperial College London School of Medicine. In a letter to Vet Times, Vis-a-Vis patron Hany Elsheikha said:

‘Vets are easy targets for flea and tick-borne infections. Careers can be - and have been - lost in some instances. Recognition and treatment need to be dealt with promptly and adequately, Therefore, being armed with sufficient, reliable and up-to-date knowledge is crucial.

‘The meeting will bring together speakers, physicians and vets from the UK and the US, who are willing to cooperate under the philosophy of One Health.’

‘They will exchange ideas and, importantly, first hand-experiences with regards to advances in clinical diagnosis and management of these insidious infections, to better serve the needs of patients with tick-borne illnesses.’

The event is open to vets, medics and researchers. Anyone interested in attending the symposium should contact

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Webinar to share tips on impactful consultations

News Story 1
 A webinar to help veterinary professionals communicate more effectively with their clients is set to be hosted by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA).

Taking place on Thursday 30 September, 'Top Tips for Impactful Consultations' will be led by Suzanne Rogers, co-director of Human Behaviour Change for Animals and Dr Natasha Lee, chair of the WSAVA's Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee.

For more information about the webinar, click here

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News Shorts
New online CPD otitis podcast created

A new 15 minute podcast on treating animals with otitis has been created by Dechra Veterinary Products. Featuring general practice vet Carolyn Kyte and veterinary dermatology specialist Natalie Barnard, the two vets will discuss their experiences treating otitis, and why owners are significant in successful treatment.

Dechra Brand Manager Carol Morgan commented: "What Carolyn and Natalie bring to the table with their new podcast for the Dechra Academy is a light and insightful discussion about communication and education being the keystone for better otitis outcomes and how vets can improve on their consultation skills to handle cases better."`

The podcast, called 'Think Differently about Otitis', is available to access for free on the Dechra Academy on-demand learning platform here.