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Kennel Club welcomes new dog theft offence
Figures released by the Kennel Club show that 196 families every month are affected by pet theft.
“This is a win that can help to deliver justice to both the poor dogs and families victim to this devastating crime" - Mark Beazley, Kennel Club.

The Kennel Club has welcomed the Government’s plans to introduce legislation that will make abducting dogs a criminal offence in England.

Under the new law, set out within the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, those found guilty of dog theft could face up to five years in jail. 

The move follows extensive lobbying by the Kennel Club and other animal organisations to bring about stronger sentencing and better reporting to tackle this devastating crime.

Mark Beazley, chief executive at The Kennel Club, commented: “We wholeheartedly welcome this next step from the Government, introducing a new and specific offence to tackle pet theft, and highly commend the hard and persistent work of every organisation who has been raising awareness of this issue and calling for action for many years.

 “This is a win that can help to deliver justice to both the poor dogs and families victim to this devastating crime, and we hope that this amendment moves swiftly through parliament, to protect the nation’s much-loved pets.” 

Dogs are currently treated in law in the same way as stolen laptops or mobile phones. This new offence, announced on Thursday (18 November), will reflect the emotional distress of pet theft and help judges hand down more targeted penalties. 

In May this year, the Government formed a Pet Theft Taskforce to help tackle the surge in animal abductions resulting from the coronavirus lockdowns.  Throughout its Paw and Order Campaign, the Kennel Club urged action from the Taskforce and encouraged thousands of UK dog lovers to write to their MP.

Statistics garnered as part of the campaign revealed the scale of pet theft, showing that a staggering 196 families every month are affected by the crime. The statistics also revealed that just two per cent of dog theft cases in 2020 resulted in a criminal charge. 

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VET Festival returns for 2022

News Story 1
 VET Festival, the unique CPD opportunity, is returning for 2022, running from 20 to 21 May.

The outdoor event, held at Loseley Park in Guildford, will feature 17 education streams, with a dedicated stream covering veterinary wellness, leadership and management topics. The festival will feature veterinary speakers from around the world, with the opportunity to collect 14 hours of CPD across the two-day event.

Alongside veterinary education, VET Festival will also offer wellbeing activities such as yoga and mindfulness activities, with the popular VETFest Live Party Night making a return for 2022.

Tickets available here.  

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News Shorts
Avian influenza housing order declared in Yorkshire

A new avian influenza prevention zone has been declared in North Yorkshire following the identification of H5N1 avian influenza at a number of premises.

The requirement means all bird keepers in Harrogate, Hambleton and Richmondshire are now legally required to keep their birds indoors and follow strict biosecurity measures.

Several other cases of H5N1 avian influenza have also been confirmed in recent days at sites in Essex, Cheshire and Cumbria. On Monday (22 November), the disease was identified near Wells-next-the-Sea, North Norfolk.