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Minister calls for urgent action to protect planet’s oceans
"Those of us who can help must step up to support the ocean to adapt to climate change." - Rebecca Pow

Government pressing for marine protection targets to be tripled

Environment minister Rebecca Pow is urging governments around the globe to join the 30by30 initiative. This initiative, led by the UK, aims to protect at least 30 per cent of the planet’s oceans by 2030.

Speaking at the launch of an animated film created by Greenpeace, which depicts endangered marine life, the minister spoke passionately about the affects of climate change on the world’s oceans, stating that “those of us who can help must step up to support the ocean to adapt to climate change.”

The minister continued: “Our government is already rolling out nature-based solutions to tackle it, for example our work to maintain and enhance 20,000 hectares of mighty mangroves in Madagascar, Indonesia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

But change requires collective effort. That’s why we’re calling for at least 30 per cent of the world’s ocean to be safeguarded by Marine Protected Areas in the course of this decade.”

The government has asserted that increasing the range of Marine Protected Areas is crucial to reducing the impact of climate change, adding that marine protection targets need to be higher, as the current ten per cent targets do not provide adequate protection against biodiversity loss.

At the forefront of marine protection, the UK has recently designated 41 new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), covering 12,000 square kilometres, for a total of 91 MCZs. This means that now more than 40 per cent of English waters are designated as marine protection areas.

The UK is encouraging all countries to join the Global Alliance announced by the Prime Minister last year, in support of the 30by30 target as part of a new global biodiversity framework in October 2020.

Defra has also released a new video on the urgent need for global action on ocean protection, narrated by musician and activist Sting and screened at the Greenpeace event.

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BEVA gives vets access to free membership for three months

News Story 1
 BEVA has announced that it is cutting membership renewal charges for the next three months in order to support all veterinary professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Memberships for all existing BEVA members will be extended until 30 June 2020. Veterinary professionals who are not members of BEVA will also be able to sign up for a free membership until 30 June 2020.

BEVA president Tim Mair said: "In this extraordinary time of global crisis our profession, as with many industries, is under immense pressure. By offering free membership we are giving equine vets easy access to a wealth of supportive resources and online CPD."

To sign up please visit the BEVA website.

Image (c) BEVA. 

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BSAVA rolls out CPD resources and benefits in absence of Congress

A package of CPD resources and benefits are set to be rolled out on BSAVA's social media channels over the coming days in a bid to fill the gap left by the cancellation of BSAVA Congress.

The package includes a 10 discount voucher on all printed manuals and access to the BSAVA Library. BSAVA said that it will also be recording more than 100 hours of planned Congress lectures over the following weeks so that vets don't completely miss out on the Congress experience.

The resource, titled Congress on Demand will be ready in early May.