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New beef cattle housing guidance for farmers
The booklet urges farmers to wash-down areas for vehicles and footwear to prevent the spread of disease.
Booklet provides basic welfare, regulatory and environmental information 

New guidelines for farmers on the importance of biosecurity in cattle housing have been published by the Scottish Government’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS).

The Beef Cattle Housing booklet warns that cattle housed in poorly designed buildings are at risk of contracting disease if proper biosecurity measures are not met.

“This booklet is intended to provide basic welfare, regulatory and environmental information for farmers considering the erection of a new beef cattle shed and also provides links to sources of more detailed information,” said Jim Campbell from SAC Consulting, which delivers the FAS.

The booklet urges farmers to wash-down areas for vehicles and footwear to prevent the spread of disease. These areas should be carefully located so that contaminated water does not come into contact with livestock, it says.

The booklet also covers regulatory approvals, services, ventilation, waste handling, location, choice of housing system, space requirements, materials and references.


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Huge spike in ‘designer’ dogs going into rescue

News Story 1
 The RSPCA has reported a huge spike in the number of ‘designer’ dogs arriving into its care.

Figures published by the charity show there has been a 517 per cent increase in the number of French bulldogs arriving into its kennels. During that time, the charity has also seen an increase in dachshunds, chihuahuas, and crossbreeds.

RSPCA dog welfare expert Lisa Hens said: “We know that the breeds of dog coming into our care often reflect the trends in dog ownership in the wider world and, at the moment, it doesn’t get more trendy than ‘designer’ dogs like French bulldogs and Dachshunds."


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AHDB Pork calls for stepped-up biosecurity

Pig farmers are being urged to step up biosecurity to reduce the risk of swine dysentery in their herds.

According to Farmers Weekly, AHDB Pork have confirmed cases in the north and east of the UK and is calling on producers to focus on hygiene to protect their animals.

Members of the AHDB Pork Significant diseases charter are reported to have been informed of the outbreaks.